Meaning of hiatus in English

1.A hiatus is a period of time when there is a pause in activity and nothing is happening.
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2.The noun form of hiatus refers to a gap or empty space that is noticeable in a piece of writing or speech. It represents a point where something is missing or absent, creating a pause or break in the flow of information. This gap can be seen as a noticeable hole or a missing piece that interrupts the continuity of the text or speech.
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Importance of Understanding Vocabulary in Learning English

When you're learning English, it's really important to understand the meaning of each word. It's a key part of getting to grips with the language and using it effectively. Knowing lots of words helps you speak with confidence and understand what you're reading better. Plus, it's the first step to really getting into the language.

Taking the time to learn vocabulary properly from the beginning is a great way to start learning a new language. As you get better, you'll become more confident reading and understanding things in other languages.