Why authentic ?

In recent years, and especially in 2023, the term authentic has become more popular, driven by discussions about AI, celebrities, personal identity, and social media. Being authentic means being real and true to oneself, but it's a concept that's often debated and hard to define, leading many to look it up.
Authenticity is important when talking about personal or cultural identity. It's used to describe genuine foods, traditions, and personal expressions. Celebrities like Lainey Wilson, Sam Smith, and Taylor Swift have emphasized the importance of being authentic or true to themselves in 2023, making it a trend.
The rise of artificial intelligence and its effects on creating fake content have blurred the lines between what's real and fake, making authenticity even more valued.
Brands, social media influencers, and celebrities strive to appear authentic. Elon Musk, for example, has encouraged authenticity on social media. Apps like BeReal focus on sharing real-life moments. Despite efforts to be genuine, the drive for authenticity on the internet often turns into a way to attract money, with being "authentic" seen as a way to gain trust, ironically making it seem like just another performance.

authentic in Context

...been able to keep it going through donations from the community. It's true authentic Haitian food.
DeAngelo encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to nurture your resilience, be your authentic self, build and leverage your network and prioritize rest.
From Forbes
TikTok to explain her decision. I do my best to live my authentic life and what's real to me, and what's not real is social
...adjustments, are acceptable when necessary for clear and accurate reproduction and should maintain the authentic nature of the photograph,
When there were no footsteps to follow, no blueprint. It was the authentic intelligence that allowed me to pave the way.
...to change their tune and start elevating LGBTQ+ youth's right to live as their authentic selves.
...based on One Direction. But Kotecha said he was more preoccupied with creating an authentic musical identity for the band that was detached from any real-life influences.